Welcome to LacosteLive.com, where we get to wax lyrical about each collection as well as unearth certain places and people that inspire Lacoste L!VE to get creative. To take tradition and give it a good twist.

Lacoste L!VE is a new collection that’s all about invoking the playful, innovative spirit of the man behind the crocodile, René Lacoste. It draws from a colorful, sporty heritage and impeccable French elegance and mixes it up with contemporary styles to appeal to a young, style-savvy audience. Never taking itself too seriously, Lacoste L!VE dares to strike an irreverent tone. René would be proud.

At Lacoste L!VE, we’re looking for that same impertinence, audacity and originality - those secret ingredients that allow personality to shine through. Recently, we met a cast of characters who are making Montreal move to it’s own jaunty and exciting rhythm. This time around we travelled to Tokyo, arguably the world’s capital of crazy. We were not disappointed. But for all of the futurism, insane energy, comical sports and wacky artists, there’s an almost obsessive-compulsive respect for tradition in Tokyo, something that we understand better than most. For the Japanese, their heritage is as vital and alive today as it’s ever been. It’s their life-blood. The same can be said for Lacoste L!VE.

A wise man once said:

‘You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been’.

We’re all about moving forward, but we never want to lose sight of where we came from. So here’s to Tokyo. And tradition.

We hope that you enjoy exploring the collections, as well as our own explorations!